Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rumi on love and kindness

My plan today is to just "be kind". I'm working on the first of the 2019 Simple Inspiration Calendar designs and the quote is from by Rumi, my favorite. "Your acts of Kindness are iridescent Wings of Divine Love, which linger ad continue to uplift others long after your sharing." It's such a beautiful quote and I hope my painting does it justice. It will have flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies. The hummingbirds are mostly iridescent anyway.

So I'm looking for places to be kind. On my walk this morning a cat came up to me and seemed to want to walk with me, or rather lead me on a walk. So I walked the short way behind her and lovingly petted her at the end telling her how beautiful she was.

Here is another Rumi quote amongst hummingirds that will be in the 2017 calendar.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The rocky Maine coast

I recently went to Maine for the first time ever. It's not so far from Vermont but I never wanted to leave the state to go anywhere in summer because... why? Vermont has everything and more. Well not an ocean but beaches, mountains, rocks, gardens, flowers and many chickens. Maine was a great time and being by the ocean felt a lot like being a kid again growing up near the beaches in South Florida. The Rosa Ragosa reminded me of the times I spent on Nantucket with family. I'm in Florida now and enjoying the heat.. haha.. no really... I like the heat. My favorite thing to do was climbing on the rocks, smooth ones, beach ones, jagged ones.. doesn't matter, they are all lovable.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Coffee coloring pages

Wouldn't it be great to always wake up Awesome? My favorite way to wake up is to walk to a yoga class. I feel kind of awesome after that and ready to get to work.

You can see these coloring pages in the "Cheerful Journey" coloring book by Lang at They also have calendars, journals, puzzles and a really cute traveling coloring book. I tried to do one of the coloring puzzles with my artwork with my dad but neither of us have the patience to do it. People that do puzzles are quite amazing.

Wake up and be Awesome!

These calendar designs from my "Simple Inspirations" Calendar by Lang were the inspiration for the coffee fabric line. I love coffee! It's always fun to take existing art and turn it into something else. The coffee designs are also used in the coloring book products I've been working on also with the Lang Companies.

Fun at the zoo

Fun time with my grandkids at a Florida zoo! Those shorts I made with fish fabric I designed years ago. I'm glad I saved some because they are really cute. It's great fun playing with the kids.

Monster trying to get the tiny children.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


I was walking down the hill to my yoga class on the lake and saw this cute little woodchuck. He was coming at me which kind of freaked me out. Then a guy in the apartment next to the path said he was coming for treats. I guess this guy leaves treats for him every day. So he was friendly enough and a fun surprise. Doing yoga on the sailing dock in the lake is such a luscious way to start the morning. I love Burlington!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Baby Squirrels

Rarely do I see a red squirrel in the forest but yesterday I got lucky and saw one,  although I couldn't get a good picture. There have been lots of chipmunks lately too but they run away too fast to get a good picture also. I should start bringing treats. 

I do have pictures of two baby squirrels that I found on the bike path last year. There was no mother around and they would have been someones dinner in the night so I had to rescue them. I mean who could walk away from a crying baby squirrel in a tree?  Raising them was crazy! Feeding them 5 times a day with formula in a dropper, washing them like their mom would, keeping them clean and warm while they grew was all new to me. So here they are. They were so fun to watch as they grew.  Of course I became their mother by caring for them and they would run and jump on me and climb up me like I was a tree until I grabbed them. One jumped on my face, which I didn't expect, but my glasses saved me from being blinded by his little claws that are pretty sharp. They were finally released by an official rehab person who has nut trees on her acres of property. I hope they are happy!