Saturday, July 9, 2016


I was walking down the hill to my yoga class on the lake and saw this cute little woodchuck. He was coming at me which kind of freaked me out. Then a guy in the apartment next to the path said he was coming for treats. I guess this guy leaves treats for him every day. So he was friendly enough and a fun surprise. Doing yoga on the sailing dock in the lake is such a luscious way to start the morning. I love Burlington!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Baby Squirrels

Rarely do I see a red squirrel in the forest but yesterday I got lucky and saw one,  although I couldn't get a good picture. There have been lots of chipmunks lately too but they run away too fast to get a good picture also. I should start bringing treats. 

I do have pictures of two baby squirrels that I found on the bike path last year. There was no mother around and they would have been someones dinner in the night so I had to rescue them. I mean who could walk away from a crying baby squirrel in a tree?  Raising them was crazy! Feeding them 5 times a day with formula in a dropper, washing them like their mom would, keeping them clean and warm while they grew was all new to me. So here they are. They were so fun to watch as they grew.  Of course I became their mother by caring for them and they would run and jump on me and climb up me like I was a tree until I grabbed them. One jumped on my face, which I didn't expect, but my glasses saved me from being blinded by his little claws that are pretty sharp. They were finally released by an official rehab person who has nut trees on her acres of property. I hope they are happy!