Thursday, June 30, 2016

Watering cans

OK I'm working on another batch of coloring pages!

Shelburne Farms

Went hiking with a friend for my birthday at Shelburne Farms. Years ago I was a volunteered at the raptor cent hidden in the woods.  My favorite bird was a blind Great Horned owl named Maddie. She loved when I sang to her and I loved watching her head spin around wondering where the sound was coming from because it was bouncing off the walls. It's a hidden sanctuary for winged "ambassadors" that are tooo injured to be released. Winter was a fun time because sometimes we had to wear snowshoes to get back to the aviaries to feed them. The Barred owns and screech owls were also amazing to sit with and just watch.

Morning wanderings


I'm back in Vermont,  enjoying wandering around town in the mornings getting inspired to start work on another calendar. The flowers here in summer are so spectacular, maybe because compared to winter they are just so alive and beautiful. Last time I was here it was still snowing and everything was brown and brown. Yay for color!